Immigration to Denmark: Denmark is one of the most advanced and beautiful countries in Europe and has a rich and diverse cultural history. Its many imposing castles are in the context of the rural scenic beauty that comes to life in the true meaning of the countryside, while providing all the comforts one can expect from a modern developed society. It is not surprising then that many are applying for immigration to Denmark from India.


Migration to Denmark has several varied schemes for those seeking a Danish visa according to the reason and duration of the stay, as well as the profile and background of the applicant.


The fast track scheme is a scheme for larger companies that can demonstrate a real need to employ highly qualified international workers from countries outside the EU / EEA region and Switzerland. The scheme includes private and public companies, as well as universities.


The payment limit scheme for migration to Denmark is intended for those applicants who have been offered employment in Denmark with a higher than average salary. The applicant can apply for residence under the plan, is not required to have a specific education or professional experience if requested in this scheme. You must meet the following conditions to apply under this scheme.

One should have been offered a job that pays an annual salary of 426,985.06 DK or more as of 2019

Your salary and employment contract must be in line with Danish standards. You will need to provide a copy of your job offer with the application that clearly states the work hours, holidays, payment and other relevant contract terms.


The Positive List allows applicants who have been offered a job on the positive list as set by the Danish government. The positive list includes a list of professions that currently face a shortage of labour. A candidate who has a job offer from a positive list has the right to apply for immigration to Denmark


People who are interested in the Danish visa and have been offered a fully paid position to work as a researcher have the right to apply for a residence permit to live and work at Demark.


Immigration applicants in Denmark who have a job offer that can only be done by them have the right to apply for a residence permit to live in Denmark and perform work in their specialized individual work field. Applicants who work in the following fields can apply under this scheme

  •   Performers or Artists
  •   Chefs
  •   Athletes who play at a Professional level as well as sports coaches


Under this scheme, people who have worked or have a valid job offer to work as a rancher or administrator of a farm in Denmark can apply for a residence permit to live and work in Denmark. If you are selected under this scheme, you are only allowed to work as a farm or pastor administrator during your stay in Denmark. If you intend to occupy any other position, then you must apply under the relevant scheme.


The establishment card is intended for those who have obtained a postgraduate or higher degree from a university in Denmark. Candidates who have completed an advanced soloist program of the Danish Music Academies also have the right to apply. You must submit your application at least 6 months before the due date of your job search period and you must present sufficient evidence that you can sustain yourself financially. The Danish government qualifies it as having sufficient funds if it meets the following criteria.

  DKK 88,356 if you intend to reside only in Denmark

  DKK 1,76,712 if you intend to reside with your spouse

  DKK 2,62,476 if you intend to reside with your spouse and children


This scheme is aimed at international entrepreneurs and gives them the opportunity to obtain a residence visa from Denmark so that they can establish and manage a business in the country. The company must obtain the approval of a panel of experts that has been designated by the Danish Companies Authority. The plan is applicable to individuals, as well as work teams of up to 3 people who intend to start a joint venture in Denmark.

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